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MSI Return to the Celeron

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Overclocking is a hobby and passion for not only the rich but the public! To provide OC competition to all the community with low entry barrier, the well-known mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI will be hosting a “Return to Celeron” OC contest with HWBOT from October 10 to November 6, 2011!

This competition requires MSI LGA 1155 mainboards with Intel Celeron LGA 1155 CPUs (Celeron G440, G530, G530T). There are 3 stages for enthusiasts to compete, including Wprime 1024M, SuperPI-32M and UCBench 2011. Winners will get MSI graphics cards and there are also MSI Component testing platforms for lucky draw.

Have fun and good luck to all!


Nομιζω οτι μπορουμε να παρρουμε ευκολα κανα 2 δωρα απο αυτα:D

δοκιμαζω ηδη εναν G530 :Q..

Ευτυχώς μητρική έχουν τα παιδιά για να παίξουμε...

Αντε οργανωθείτε να τα πάρουμε όλα...

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