What are the different types of ad formats in adult ad monetization?

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There are several different types of ad formats commonly used in adult ad monetization:

  1. Banner Ads: These are rectangular or square ads that are typically placed on the top, bottom, or sides of a webpage. Banner ads can be static or animated and often include images and text.
  1. Pop-up Ads: These ads appear in a new window or tab that opens over the website being viewed. Pop-up ads can be either in the form of a new browser window or an overlay on the current page.
  1. Native Ads: Native ads are designed to match the look and feel of the website or app where they are displayed. They blend in with the content and appear as recommended or related articles, often with an "advertisement" label.
  1. Video Ads: These ads are short video clips that play before, during, or after online video content. Video ads can also be displayed as mid-roll ads that interrupt the video content at a designated point.
  1. Interstitial Ads: Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear between content pages. They cover the entire screen and often require the user to take a specific action such as clicking to close the ad.
  1. Pop-under Ads: Similar to pop-up ads, but they open behind the current browser window and are only visible when the user closes or minimizes the primary window
  1. Mobile Ads: These ad formats are optimized for mobile devices and can include banner ads, pop-up ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and video ads tailored for mobile screens.
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